Greenwalk® natural crystal deodorant „Pearl” 95g

Greenwalk® natural crystal deodorant „Pearl” 95g
Brand: Greenwalk
Product Code: 6608
Weight: 95 g
Availability: In Stock
Price: 12.90 €

Cut, refined and polished by hand, the crystal deodorant „Pearl” is made solely from natural minerals.

As well as being effective, it also is very economical: one deodorant weighing 95 grams will be enough to use for 2 years.

„Pearl” deodorant is ideal for people with sensitive skin, teenagers, people with allergies, as well as those you want to take special care of.

Moisten the deodorant stick before using it on clean skin. After use rinse the deodorant stick and wipe with a dry cloth.

INCI: Potassium Alum


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